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"A man with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds"
- Mark Twain -

About Us

IppaiLaw was born to provide legal and consultancy services adapted to current needs.
We firmly bet on the concept of “New Law” or “Alternative Legal Service Provider”.
Classic Law Firms have expensive infrastructure and luxurious offices that pass those costs on to the customer. We do not pass these costs. We use technology to reduce costs for the benefit of our clients.
For us, the focus is our client, we listen, understand, and help in strategic business decision-making, combining technology, legal knowledge, and strategic advice.
We not only offer legal services but we also provide added value.



Our professionals help you to implement your idea in all grow phases.

Tax Law

We have an expert team in taxation of individuals and companies.

International Tax

We know the international client and we help him with his tax relations with Spain and abroad.

Corporate Law

The day-to-day running of a business involves making decisions that require documenting them. We take care that they comply with the law.

Bankruptcy Law

We have extensive experience in business restructuring with financial difficulties.

Business Consulting

Our team of lawyers and economists help you develop your business, optimize its management, outsource your accounting, labor and administrative obligations so that you focus on creating value.

We combine excellent professionals and technology to provide you value added services, agile and no suprising bills.



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Value Added

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